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In Honor of My Best Friend and Grandson Chase.......




Of My Best Friend Chase:

In 1998, when I developed a serious heart condition and was given a short time to live. My recovery was a miracle as my doctor can tell you. This miracle was in part to my wonderful relationship with Chase. This wonderful journey started when Chase was a baby; I have picked him up from school almost everyday after for nine years.

His birth allowed me the opportunity to be born again. With each step of his growth, I experienced the newness of life through the eyes of a child. I relearned things long forgotten with age. A new sense of inquiry and the gift of mindfulness allowed me to see life as if I were a child.

This teaches us to pay attention, to really be in the present moment without the distractions of modern day life. After all, a lost moment in time can never be recovered. Your child has one time when he learns to walk, only one first day of school, only one first birthday. Ask yourself, are you really there for your child? Or-does the lure of the cell phone, I-Pod, the reading materials, the TV and other distractions taint the present moment?

To Chase:

For you, I have shared the fullness of my being, my best self, my enthusiasm, my vitality, my spirit, my trust, my openness, my love, above all, my presence. The images on this web site will remain for you to celebrate these times of our lives long after I have passed from this earth. The power and the spirit of our bond together with a Grandfather's love shall be with you forever.

For now, I walk this mountain alone while I await your return. A place of discovery where we both walked together.

Now, it is just the mountain and me. Soon, only the mountain will remain.

Your Loving Grandfather,



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The Life and Times of Chase Price

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